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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

When everyone seems to think they are an expert, you don’t have to take everything you hear or read hook line and sinker. The home remedies suggested by some uncredible sources may not be appropriate for your face, just as there is no harm also trying any suggested ones out. Before you try DIY tricks for skincare, be aware of things you should and should not put on our face:

benefits of facial cleansing

Petroleum Jelly

This can be applied on the face. It is a good choice to keep your skin healthy. It is great in locking moisture, which is essential to keep your facial skin hydrated. Petroleum jelly is often blamed for clogging your pores. Turns out, instead of clogging pores, petroleum jelly leaves them clear. Many people attribute it to be an acne-causing agent but it does not cause acne on your face.


This citrus fruit is known as a skin brightener. Your skin has a slightly acidic pH and lemon juice can be used to maintain or enhance it. However, rubbing lemon juice directly on the skin is not a good idea. Either dilute it with water or use it in combination with other natural ingredients. But for some people, it may cause rashes. It is best to do a test on your face before using it.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as a natural exfoliate, it can save your face from acne and pimples. However, excessive scrubbing may not give you the desired result. And applying it on broken skin may irritate you. Doing a patch test is always recommended when you use baking soda. To reap the maximum benefits, make your own scrub at home by mixing it with coconut oil.

Body Lotion

You may tend to put this on your face, after slathering it all over your body. But, no! It is a lot thicker than your facial lotion. Also, it may contain more chemicals than your face cream. Even though some say that there is not much difference between face lotions and body lotions, it is safe to use face creams, which are meant for your gentle and delicate facial skin.


Let’s get it straight. Do not use toothpaste on your face. Sodium Lauryl sulfate in toothpaste may irritate your skin. Moreover, it may leave your skin dry. Toothpaste comes with different formulas. Some of them may not have harmful ingredients. But since it is difficult to identify which toothpaste is safe to use, it is best to avoid them altogether.


You may have heard of using sugar as a body scrub. But sugar may not work for you as an exfoliant on your face. It may cause a scratch on your delicate skin, leading to microscopic tears in your face.

Hot Water

For killing bacteria, hot water is always considered helpful. But that is not the case when you deal with acne and pimples on your face. Hot water may drain your facial skin of moisture and damage your skin. A steam facial is a good thing to offer. But never wash your face with hot water.

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