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So I’ve realized that a lot of people (especially men) have many many opinions about women; what a woman should do, how she should behave, what she shouldn’t do etc. Every day there’s at least one tweet that talks about (attacks) women and this annoys me so much. That’s why I have decided that each Friday, I’m going to take one outrageous tweet that talks about women, and talk about it, in order to kind of educate people out there who are thinking the same way.

                            Tweet of the week:

When I saw this tweet the first thing I did was laugh; I laughed out loud so hard! Five men gathered together to talk about something they barely know anything about and have never experienced—are you trying to be funny? How do you want to talk about an issue that ONLY women deal with and there’s not one woman in sight?

Well according to the organizer, there was an all-female panel the day before, that also talked about menstruation. So the female panel spoke the day before while the male panel spoke on the actual Menstrual Hygiene day?? Is nobody seeing the problem with this? A day that was created for women and a particular experience that women face, men decided to take that day and talk about the experience themselves; an experience they’ve never been through. Please make it make sense.


A friend of mine said “well what if they were talking about menstruation from the aspects of fathers and men who wanted to educate themselves on how to help their daughters and partners during menstruation. Well, I read the thread, I also watched a long part of the “Panel session” and there was nothing they said that even gave a hint that they were talking about it from that aspect. AND, even if they wanted to do that, they would still need at least one female panelist to explain to them how men can help women and their daughters to get through menstruation because only women know the kind of help they want during such a time.

The other time I was trying to explain period mood swings to my male friend and he couldn’t fully understand it, and I don’t blame him for not understanding because it’s not something he has experienced.  Look at all the men on that panel; a journalist, an IT product owner, a pastor…the only person that should be there is probably the medical doctor but there’s only so much that he can say about menstruation-he can only talk about it from the biological point of view and menstruation is beyond that.  And just look at that dreadful title–‘It’s A Mense World’, is it really?

woman gif

Please, dear men, next time, just leave these kinds of things for women, yes, we want you to be a part of the conversation but we want you to listen, and be educated by the people who actually deal with these things.  Okay? Okay.

By: Dammy Eneli

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