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YouTube star Jackie Aina got engaged to Denis Asamoah in a surprise proposal in Santorini, Greece, earlier this month.

The beauty influencer, who turned 32 on August 4, told Us Weekly that she thought the British business consultant was taking her to Greece to celebrate her birthday.

“I had no idea it was coming,” she told Us, despite the fact that they had gone to look at rings together at Forever Diamonds in New York.

Asamoah planned the trip to the Mediterranean because “Jackie told me Greece is her favorite place in the world and she wanted to go back.”

The Ghanaian-British founder of Mr. Work Smarter — who also has a Youtube channel called Denis and Jackie with his bride-to-be that has more than 200,000 subscribers — planned every detail of the proposal.

“We put a blindfold on her and I was anxious because I wanted it to go perfectly,” Asamoah told Us. “I escorted her up these crazy steps in a blindfold.”

“I was like, ‘This is so crazy, I’m in Louboutins!’” Aina added. “We walked up these crazy Grecian steps and in those heels I was scared!”

The makeup artist, who has 3.1 million YouTube subscribers, had a classic response once she realized what was happening.

“When I first figured out what was going on, I thought, ‘Damn, I’m not wearing the right nails.’ I wanted them to be a glittery, sparkle situation! But it was so beautiful. Denis had all these candles up the stairs, in a heart up there, flowers and we had dinner overlooking the ocean.”

After she said yes, they called their parents and family members and then they celebrated!

“After we had dinner, we went to the hotel and there were 32 pictures, to represent me turning 32, and cards and balloons,” Aina told Us. “Then we went to the club!”

Scroll down to see pics from the romantic proposal.

“Getting her up the stairs blindfolded was a challenge as the stairs were very tight and she had big heels on,” Asamoah said.

The proposal took place on a private rooftop with a view of the sunset.

Asamoah arranged to have a saxophonist play Sade’s greatest hits. “As she was walking up the stairs, her favorite song, ‘Nothing Can Come Between Us,’ was being played as I knew it would mean so much to her,” he said.

The couple have been dating for a number of years after being introduced by Asamoah’s cousin, who is a longtime friend of Aina’s.

Aina told Us weekly that once she saw the marquis-cut diamond at Forever Diamonds, “I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was in my head the whole time.”

The couple are already making wedding plans. “We’ve talked about the tradition aspects of the wedding,” Aina, whose father is Nigerian, told Us. “We’ll have an American wedding and a more traditional ceremony for our families. So two weddings!”

By: Dammy Eneli


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