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Rihanna has continued her efforts of supporting people affected by the deadly Coronavirus as she has now pledged another $1 million through her Clara Lionel Foundation.

rihanna's diamond ball

Last week, Rihanna donated $5 million to support the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  Most particularly for those focused on protecting and serving marginalized communities. Helping the most vulnerable in the United States, the Caribbean and in Africa prepare for what is to come.

Rihanna and Jay-Z through his Shawn Carter Foundation, have donated a million each in grants to support undocumented workers, the children of frontline health workers and first responders, and incarcerated, elderly and homeless populations in New York City and Los Angeles.

Rihanna and Jay-Z

According to the announcement, the funds will specifically support:

1.Offering daycare, learning materials, food and supplies for the children of frontline healthcare workers and first responders.

2. Providing learning materials for more than 20,000 children and youth learning in shelters and virtual mental health support for parents.

3.Ensuring child care centers are clean and that all personnel are protected

4.Supporting the expansion of home-delivered meals for the elderly and meals for homeless populations in emergency shelters

5.Providing emergency economic support and the expansion of rights for immigrants and undocumented workers

6. Advocating for free testing and treatment for all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status

7. Provision of legal support to protect members of marginalized populations.  Including advocating for people to be released from jail and detention. Also, encouraging voting and civic engagement during the COVID-19 response period. And protecting immigrant communities.

CLF’s Executive Director, Justine Lucas said “There are a number of populations who are especially vulnerable during this pandemic. Those who are undocumented, incarcerated. The elderly and homeless, as well as children of frontline health workers and first responders. Now more than ever, we need to support organizations prioritizing the health and rights of these individuals.”

By: Muyiwa Aguda

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