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Jennifer Obayuwana, the billionaire daughter of Polo boss, John Obayuwana, is the star of the May 2017 issue of Forbes Afrique.

The business mogul looks gorgeous in an electric blue outfit with pristine makeup to match.


In this edition, Forbes Afrique delves into the world of the Business of Luxury in Africa, a business Forbes describes as a billion dollar industry in Africa.

In West Africa, that market is ruled by Polo Limited, a 30-year-old business responsible for the proliferation of luxury goods in the West Coast of Africa.

The African Queen of Luxury and Polo Avenue boss in this issue opened up about the family business, personal achievements for the success of the business and many more.

With locations in Nigeria and Ghana, Polo Luxury is at the forefront of luxury sales in West Africa.

Despite the economic outlook in Nigeria, this is an industry that has maintained consistency in the African Sector.

In the Forbes Afrique cover story, Cartier Africa CEO, Mr Alessandro Patti says, “We (Cartier) see Nigeria as a strategic market with great potential. Being very satisfied with the results with our partner Polo Luxury Group, it was natural to opt for a long-term vision. In 2016, a Cartier watchmaker area was installed in the Polo Avenue at Hilton’s multi-brand in Abuja. Over the years, Nigeria and Cartier have developed a strong relationship and we are proud of the development of our activities. Our clientele is made up of connoisseurs looking for the know-how, beauty, creativity and elegance that make Cartier’s success. As far as watchmaking is concerned, generous diameters and complicated movements are preferred.”


Photographer: @mr_laah

Fashion Direction: @tokyojames

Production: @chinegroup

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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