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HIP TV host and singer, Jennifer Obi aka Jenny O is delighted that her songs have been well accepted by fans all over the world.

She said in a recent interview, that:

“I have always loved music and I decided to take it professional because I was desirous of communicating with a larger audience. I am so happy right now that my songs are connecting with audiences and that is what I hoped to achieve in the first place.”

Jenny O1

Explaining the concept of one of songs, she said:

“The song is basically about a Casanova who goes about breaking girls’ hearts until he meets his match in a certain girl who isn’t carried away by his charm and sweet mouth. It is not like I have had any experience with a playboy but there are lots of them out there and I hope that some of them would listen to this song and actually have a change of heart.”

Jenny O loves her work so much that it no longer feels like a job.

She says:

“The secret is that I love what I’m doing so none of them seems like work to me. Though it could be stressful at times.

“I believe that I’m yet to have any memorable experience in music as the best is yet to come. But I have met a lot of fans who tell me that I have sexy lips. I never took them serious until I travelled to Brazil as a TV presenter and while interviewing a white dude, he suddenly kissed me without warning. When I asked him why he did that, he said he couldn’t resist my sexy lips.”

And apparently that excused his action.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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