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Ok wait, this thing is now not funny anymore oh. What initially was thought to be just two musicians hanging out, maybe collaborating on a song or two together, is now seeming like way more.




Us Weekly has recently reported that according to sources close to the pair, JLo aka Jennifer Lopez and Drake are “the real deal.”

The pair met on December 11, 2017 backstage at her ‘All I Have’ Las Vegas concert and have been spending a lot of time in each others company since.

A source close to Lopez says; “They’ve gotten very close fast,” and JLo “gets really excited to see him.”




He’s not only a sexy guy, but it’s great for her image to be dating the hottest rapper in the game.”

Drake gave JLo a prom experience on December 29, after he learnt that JLo had never attended prom at her all-girls Catholic high school. How romantic!

According to Drakes childhood friend, referring to JLo, he said; “She was his childhood crush!”

Both spending time at her 8-acre Bel-Air estate in Los Angeles, the source said;

They listen to music and talk a lot. They’re both single, attractive and have a lot in common, so it’s natural. They really like each other.”


rihanna                  casper-smart


JLo broke up with her boyfriend Casper Smart in August 2016 while Drake and Rihanna ended in October 2016. And now it looks like they’ve both…moved on?

Mmm, na wa oh. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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