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If you are in this dilemma, these job hacks search tips may help you. As companies move to remote work to fight the coronavirus pandemic and an increasing number of workers are being laid off, you might be wondering if you should continue to send out curriculum vitae or just assume that no one is hiring for the foreseeable future.

job hack search tips

Consider how urgent your search is

If you can afford to put your job search on hold, you may want to wait it out because it could be challenging to get on a hiring manager’s radar right now. If you’re currently employed, think about how to make your job more palatable.

Network online

This is the time to join LinkedIn if you are not already on the platform. It is one of the best places to network online. So, seek out like-minded professionals online and ask about virtual events. Look for professional groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn. Both platforms offer a wide range of options with groups for every profession.

Stay in touch

Maybe you recently had a promising interview and a job offer on the horizon, but now the company has moved to remote work and you haven’t heard from the hiring manager. What should you do? Check-in with the hiring manager by email, acknowledging that they might be scrambling to help their employees get used to the new setup, Make sure you also demonstrate a thoughtful attitude. Rather than asking them to help you, ask if there is anything you can assist them with.

Gather information

The COVID-19 crisis can provide a unique glimpse into the company culture. Take note of how leadership deals with this emergency and treats its employees by following the company on social media and watching for any media coverage. For instance, is the company allowing employees to work from home? Are they supporting workers in other creative ways? Did they lay off staff?

Use the time to reflect

Job seekers often jump at the first available opportunity or go into their search without fully considering what they want to do next. Take advantage of the slowing job market by getting clarity about where you want to work and the type of role and title you’re seeking.

Boost your skills

Now is the perfect time to work on bolstering your qualifications. Analyze job descriptions by listing each required skill and experience. Then consider whether you have that exact skill, if you have the skill but haven’t used it in a few years, or if you’re lacking the skill entirely. Use that information to determine what you need to brush up on to make yourself an even better candidate when the job market picks up again.

By: Damilola Faustino


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