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Written By Damilola Faustino

You have made all the efforts to get a job but you are not getting the result you want which is the job itself. There is the tendency that you will be tempted to give up because you can no longer bear the frequent rejections. This may not be entirely the company’s fault but yours because of certain job search myths you believe that are actually untrue. You have to get creative and try something different and remember that getting a job is a crucial part of survival.  Here are common job myths you should drop when you are job hunting:

There are no more jobs

Regardless of the fact that Nigeria is recovering from economic recession, there are still jobs available. It may seem like there are no jobs, because they are not advertised, but there are vacancies out there. It is either you do not know about them or you do not have the skills to perform the job requirements.  Try to reach out to your friends and improve your skills so that your C.V. will be irresistible.

Jobs are only available online

Due to the tech age, everyone seems to have forgotten offline job search. Granted, there are so many jobs online because it is easier to post vacancies on a website or social media page and it will go viral. Despite this, do not ditch offline job search: visit companies, call your friends and check the newspaper for vacancies.
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It is better you combine both off and online methods in your search.

You do not require connection to get a job

It is easier to get a job if you have a solid and widespread network. In Nigeria, this network is called connection. A connection means knowing the right people in high places who will make things possible.  If you know such a person, you are in luck. Call that person so that he can hook you up with a job. If you do not have people in high places, talk to managers, office assistants, cleaners and friends, they are also a part of your connection.

You should take any job you can get

Due to your desperation to get a job, you accept any appointment that is thrown at you. Your acceptance means you do not know what you actually want. Define what you want and only apply for that job vacancy that aligns with your skills. One day your patience to get what you want will definitely pay off.

Graduate with a good grade and get a good job

There are thousands of unemployed graduates out there with excellent and outstanding grades who have no jobs. The job market is saturated. So, ditch this belief or mindset because if you carry that to the job market, you will be very disappointed. Simply work hard to improve yourself, both academically and in every other areas.

Get a dream job with your first application

It is like 50% impossible you get your dream job with your first application. And you cannot wait until you get that dream job before you accept an appointment. Don’t worry, start from somewhere that offers a reasonable salary, where you can learn as well as hone your skills.

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