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In this present tech world, it is not rocket science to switch careers. There are thousands of online courses that can help you horn your skills in any of your chosen careers without stepping into the four walls of a school. You simply need to be dedicated and ensure that you practice as constant practice breeds perfection. Here are some jobs you can do without owning a degree:


Digital marketing

The digital marketing industry is rapidly evolving, which means that companies are on the lookout for new talent that can keep up with the latest trends. Digital marketing involves social media, SEO, and content development.

Graphic design

Visually creative types who want to do something on the side should consider pursuing graphic design. Aside from the flexibility that comes with this career — you can find work as a freelancer, contractor or become employed at an agency — you’ll also be paid to express your creativity. Adobe’s Creative Suite programs are must-haves for graphic designers.


Modern businesses can’t compete without a quality website and effective internal digital programs, so programmers are essential to a company’s success. Coding jobs have a high earning potential and starting salary, lots of freelance flexibility and plenty of upward mobility at any company.

Project management

If you love coming up with creative solutions to challenging problems, you might make a great project manager. You’ll earn good money when you lead teams through a project from start to finish, achieving your company’s desired goals within given time and financial constraints.

By Damilola Faustino

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