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By Tunde Adediran

Come fall, September 12th to be exact, The Joe Budden Podcast will begin airing exclusively on Spotify, the controversial podcast star struck an exclusive deal with Spotify. Joe Budden and his co-hosts, Rory and Mal will now record two podcast episodes each week to release every Wednesday and Saturday. Each episode will eventually appear on YouTube 48 hours after its release on Spotify.The Joe Budden Podcast

Budden shared his his gratitude in an official statement:

“I’d like to thank Spotify for this tremendous opportunity to take The Joe Budden Podcast and podcasting in general to heights never before seen. Our partnership is extremely humbling for me and adds yet another chapter to a career full of plot twists. This highlights a new way of thinking & a corporate “head nod” to the shift taking place before our very eyes. I’m even more thrilled to embark on this journey with some of my closest friends & ppl i love. The podcast has been a great amplifier for my voice but fast growing into a platform for more & more artists to share their own personal feelings/stories/experiences.”

In addition to his Spotify gig, the former Everyday Struggle host also launches his State of the Culture show with REVOLT TV on Sept. 10. All of the previously released podcast episodes are now on Spotify

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