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Once upon a time people would laugh at the thought of wearing a wig. But now in this day and age it has totally become the norm. Wigs are one of the most protective and versatile styles to rock as they stop us ladies from fiddling with our hair and causing breakage. And in case you didn’t know- breakage no be small thing oh! Getting that hair to grow back is another mission on its own.


It’s also great for versatile styling as today you can have a bob, tomorrow you can have 30 inch long hair and look like a mermaid. Today you can have black hair, tomorrow you can have blonde. Whatever you want to do, you can do it! The whole point of wigs is to have fun with it too.


So on that note, if you  haven’t rocked a wig before or you have and are looking for some new ideas, have a look a some of these fabulous looks below!








Written by Pamela Ogboro

Photo credit: Bellanaija.com, Instagram.com, Pinterest.com

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