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‘Joker’ Bathroom Scene Cut for Being Too Dreadful For R rating

One particular scene in Joker was deemed too dreadful even for an R-rated movie, director Todd Phillips has revealed.

The scene in question, one of plenty of deleted scenes that the director has discussed since the film’s release took place in a bathtub. Speaking at the SBIFF Cinema Society, Phillips revealed details of another particular Joker deleted scenes.

He describes the bathtub scene as “amazing”, adding: “I don’t think we can actually include it in an R-rated movie and it’s not because it was pornographic, it was just insane.”

The scene in question will never see the light of day, as Phillips has previously said he will never release deleted scenes or an extended cut of the film.

“I hate f*cking extended cuts. I hate deleted scenes…They’re deleted for a reason. The movie that exists is exactly the movie I want it to be and I will never show a deleted scene.”

Another deleted scene the director has discussed concerns the ambiguous fate of Sophie, with Phillips since confirming that she isn’t killed by Arthur Fleck after all.

The film’s star Joaquin Phoenix has also stated that “one of the best” scenes from the film ended up being cut.

Joker recently became the most profitable comic book movie ever, following its previous accolade of highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.

 By: Damilola Faustino
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