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For those that don’t know, singing can be learnt (obviously there are some blessed with it naturally). So if you think you sound crooked, start now and before the year ends you might have a record deal. We know the nation is getting harder every moment but we all need to learn a skill. So if working with your hands cannot work, feel free to take a voice class. As a twenty-something year old, this may prove tough but it is definitely not impossible. Here are a few things to have in mind if you want to be the next Celine Dion (or Banky W) of Nigeria.




-Take on a voice coach: There are some that know the mechanics of music, the right key, playing an instrument even writing songs. They may not like to be in the limelight but they love everything music. Find one and stalk him or her into coaching you (don’t be too creepy so you don’t get arrested). The better, easier and less financially strenuous way will be to join your church choir. You can even go on to have after class coaching with the choir master

-Practice: This seems like a lot but if you don’t want to forget what you have learnt from the music coach, torment everyone in your life with singing. If you are cooking, sing the ingredients. In the bathroom, break the tiles with your voice. Just keep singing until one day your efforts will pay off.



-Be versatile: If you want to blow in the music industry, bear in mind that there is a lot of competition in Nigeria. Bring something new to the table. Don’t be a sellout and just put out mediocre work. Get a good producer and sound engineer to work on your single. This may not be cheap but find someone that is also struggling in the producing world (and has equipment oh), and together you guys will help yourself to the top. When the single is done, share it everywhere. The internet is a beautiful place because no one has privacy anymore. Share it with any and everyone until they start to curse you. Odds are someone will like it and just like that you might blow.

-Pray!: Cos to be honest, many try and many fail. To make sure you don’t join the league of failures, your best be asking for some divine intervention.

This is not a simple task. There will obviously be some moments of failure and frustration. You just have to hold on and keep doing what is expected. If this doesn’t work out, just move on and learn another skill. You will definitely need it.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source: inmagine.com, singacademy.xyz,