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Jowy’s Fashion Brunch: Fashion Meets Law

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By Oluwaseun Ashiru

In a classy, upscale brunch, Fashion expert, Miss Joan Gbefwi has held the second edition of her quarterly Jowy’s Fashion Brunch at AyoVanElmar Fashion Café, Lagos Oriental Hotel.

Jowy's Fashion Brunch

This time, the brunch focused on the legal aspects of the fashion industry.

With two guest lawyers, Bisayo Blaze and Efunyinka Osipitan of Aztech solicitors, fashion enthusiasts in attendance were taught about the importance of owning a legally registered label, as opposed to just floating a name that is not recognised by law.

They noted that proper registration will save professionals from unnecessary tax issues with the LIRS.

Copyrighting one’s idea was another issue discussed in the setting of a bar, and array of nice outfits.

Jowy's Fashion Brunch

According to the curator, Miss Joan Gbefwi, the Fashion brunch is meant to grow productivity in the fashion industry, so people are invited from across the entire value chain and a headliner from outside the core of fashion telling us how to grow our business and how the fashion industry and their industry can do business together.

Miss Joan Gbefwi is the owner of Jowys Fashion Consulting. She is a certified fashion consultant from the European School of Economics in Milan, Italy. She moved back home in 2011 to contribute to the industry in her motherland, Lagos Nigeria.

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