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After the meeting held by the National Judicial Council (NJC) between Wednesday and Thursday, the council has decided to suspend all seven judges who had been accused of corruption by the SSS.

Initially, the NJC had refused, despite the demand by members of the public and legal practitioners, even the chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Bello Mahmud, who had at different times called for the suspension of the said judges.

It gave reasons that, the allegations that were brought against the judges had not been substantiated.

Notwithstanding that the said judges had voluntarily stepped down from performing their official duties as judges, the NJC issued a communique at its last meeting, part of which read; “Council also decided that judicial officers shall not be standing trial for alleged corruption related offence and be performing judicial functions at the same time.”

The NJC also promised not to allow any judicial officer involved in high profile criminal offences to perform judicial functions until their cases are concluded.

Written by Okolo Ezinne