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Since President Muhammadu Buhari extended his 10-day leave till Jesus knows what, many people have agitated for PMB to speak to Nigerians to prove that he is strong, alive and chatty. So far the individuals speaking on behalf of the president say there is no need for him to address Nigerians. They’ve all sworn up and down that he’s fine and we should chill and totally forget the Yar’Adua incident.

We’re bothered cos tbh, it’s not a big deal for PMB to chat to his countrymen. He can pull this off with an internet savvy phone and the right video messaging app. So in case the president or any of his friends are reading this, here are some of the video messaging apps President Buhari can use to check in and let us know he’s actually still on seat:




Skype is a well-known messaging app with over 300 million users. It can be used for video chat, voice chat and instant messaging. That is three in one. What PMB should do is to simply contact Channels Tv, give them his Skype I.D. and he can address Nigerians live on Tv.


Periscope is owned by twitter. PMB doesn’t need to contact anyone to go live. The app can allow you to go live anywhere and anytime. He can simply tweet that he will talk to Nigerians on periscope at a certain time. It is free.


fb live

Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows pages and public personalities to share live videos with their followers. In fact, PMB can engage his viewers if he wants to. When PMB is live, his followers will be notified.

Instagram live

Instagram live was recently launched and it is one of the simplest ways to go live. With 96.k followers on Instagram, PMB can just go live and his followers will be alerted that he is live. It is not hard oh.





Facetime was developed by Apple. If the president doesn’t want to use Skype, Facetime is perfect.


Ok then PMB. Hope to hear from you soon. Please hurry home.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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