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“The Love triangle!” was all I could say after my baby cousin related the dilemma she has found herself trapped in.


Hello there, I am Sister Bunmi, just a regular everyday big sister, a friend and a mentor to those who look up to me. Are you wondering why you have to read this? People often say King Solomon passed on his wisdom to me as I have the right answers to questions asked. You can always ask me anything, I’ve got your back.


Last week, I went to Lekki to see my aunt, and as I walked in, my younger cousin dragged me by the arm. “Aunty Bunmi, I’m in a love triangle,” said the 27-year-old cousin of mine. The gist is this; my cousin has a fiance who is your standard great guy… but somewhat boring (he doesn’t like parties, movies, hang outs, basically anything fun). Don’t get it twisted- he is great. But to her, there is more and in her quest for this, she met this handsome but married man, who is everything her fiance isn’t. Now she is in quite a fix as it’s beginning to tell on her every move- I know she is planning to cheat.


You will say this is kinda foolish if you have not been in this drama and you cannot relate. But love triangles happen- A LOT. The thing is this, everyone can get carried away. Love is like a flower, you have to nurture it with all the essentials. You need to know when it needs water and the right amount of time. You cannot just over fill the plant bowl with water thinking it will moderate itself, and you cannot leave it without water as it will die. If you love someone, learn to compromise. Try to have common ground and fun things to do as this might just be the string holding you together.


Yet, it’s wrong to not be content! You cannot have diamonds and go searching for gold. You will end up losing all the jewels at hand. Please, married men, leave the single ones alone. Stop confusing their destinies! Why not channel whatever energy you get from these young ones to your marriage. It surely helps.

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Sister Bunmi

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