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Say goodbye to those sexy snaps of Justin Bieber emerging from the swimming pool. Say farewell to selfies of him and his bro, Martin Garrix. For die-hard Beliebers, this could very well be the worst day of your young lives for the Justin Bieber Instagram account is no more. You may as well wave off Instagram now!

Yesterday after receiving spiteful comments on his Instagram page after uploading a ton of photos with his supposed new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, Justin Bieber threatened to make his Instagram page private if fans didn’t stop hating.


justin bieber

This then led to some delicious petty drama-filled comments between him and his ex Selena Gomez-


selena gomez and justin bieber instagram comments

As it turns out, Justin wasn’t just making empty threats oh. After this hate from his ex flame, Justin Bieber took it a step further than merely privating his page and on Monday night, he deleted his Instagram account (and broke the hearts of his 77. 8 million followers). This happened right after he had switched his account to private, before changing his mind and making his page public again, and then deleting it entirely.

Needless to say, a giant #JustinBieberDeactivatedParty is underway on twitter, where some angry fans are gathering to vent their anger at his betrayal-


justinbieberdeactivatedinstagram twitter hashtag party

We would not want to be Justin Bieber right now as these people are on another level of anger.

Wondering what Selena Gomez thinks about all this madness? We’re just going to leave the snapchat she posted here-

selena gomez snapchat story


What do you think of all this senseless drama? Delicious tea? Or just a bunch of silly rich kids arguing? Do you think there’s any hope for Justin and Selena after this? Let us know in the comments below.


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