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Popular Nigerian dancer, Kaffy, has apologized to musician, Davido, for her outburst on Instagram yesterday.

She said that Davido had rehearsed with several dancers for the ‘3 thrones’ concert but decided last minute he didn’t want the dancers to be part of his act.

kaffy and davido

Kaffy took to her instagram and apologized for her outburst yesterday.

She wrote, “I want to start by apologizing profusely for my profanity. It’s not how I roll. I am one person who promotes discipline and respect among dancers towards their clients and one another. However this issue is real. We matter and deserve respect, as we have become part of the building block of the entertainment world.

“We communicate with our bodies what words and sound can’t express. We paint a picture that defies laws of nature and produce masterpieces beyond mere imaginations. It requires a lot of brain power to begin to be a dancer not to talk of the ability to command muscles people can’t imagine using and that is still underrating the Power of the Art of Dance.

She added “I can categorically tell you that a lot of lives have been changed for the better because we danced. So, we matter beyond the dance floor we matter against all odds of societal definition of success we matter, thrive and we rule. So it is time we take control and have a voice. Create structure that will protect us from further disrespect and I will do all in my power to continue to protect dancers.

“I know great minds out there in our world that will rise up too. It’s been years and I have been quiet for too long. And this is not just in Africa it’s everywhere. Davido was just the last straw. It didn’t start with him but we can put a stop. Thank you to all who support this fight and God bless dancers.

I hope the whole issue has been squashed and the celebrities put the whole drama behind them

Written By Bashir Umar


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