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We don’t like drama but man, we can’t lie- this drama is sweet! As you probably know by now, Kaffy was mad at Davido and took to social media in the early hours of Wednesday, to hurl insults at the singer for firing some dancers. According to her, after agreeing to work with them and after several weeks of practice, they were about to take the stage at the 3 Thrones event when he fired them.

In the video post she expressed her anger, while also accusing some other Nigerian artists of “disrespecting dancers”.

Although she was not directly involved in the case, the veteran dancer, took it upon herself to defend the other dancers who apparently look up to her, as she is an inspiration to many aspiring dancers.

However, she has apologized for her words via Instagram.  In her post she apologized for her profanity, and claimed it was due to her great displeasure at that time.

But, Michael Igbelabo of Dance Na the Main Thing (DNMT) has come out to contradict Kaffi’s accusation. First, a video was released showing Davido performing with DNMT dancers at the event, and according to Micheal, Davido never sent Dancers off stage. Another video that has gone viral, has a different Micheal saying that if Kaffy will throw shades at anyone, she should not involve other dancers, because she treats dancers as worse has she said Davido does.

Now, who are we going to believe?

The best bit about this whole thing? The way Davido is taking it. A video of him was released where he claimed to have no beef at all with Kaffy, and will greet her well if he sees her now.


Written by Bolanle Olosunde 

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