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The Mmemme collection mirrors the Nigerian woman and her affinity with social gatherings and ceremonies. It gives a modern twist to the most preferred cuts and styles, including modern silhouettes of the popular ‘double-wrapper’ trend most popular among women from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Kanckys collection featured more pinks which is very alluring and also makes her collection stand out. The silhouettes for the collection are not necessarily new, but Kancky NG is skilled at presenting them in a more refined and refreshing way.


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Photography & Art Direction: @ChimaObiDavidIbe
Creative Direction: @Luaku_Tory
Model: @KaykayNwafor of @BethModelAfrica
Makeup: @AskOnyekaBeauty

Website: www.kanckyidgn.com | E-mail: [email protected]Instagram: @Kancky_NG | Twitter: @KanckyNG


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