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Kanye West and Pusha T are being sued over their use of George Jackson’s “I Can’t Do Without You” on DAYTONA standout “Come Back Baby.”

According to the complaint, FAME Enterprises Inc. claims that West and Pusha-T sampled the late Southern soul singer George Jackson’s “I Can’t Do Without You’’ without permission.

In the lawsuit, lawyers for FAME write, “The worldwide rights to the sound recording ‘I Can’t Do Without You’ are 100% owned by FAME.” A 2011 compilation called Don’t Count Me Out: The Fame Recordings Vol 1, where “I Can’t Do Without You” was first issued, also indicates that FAME owns the track’s copyrights.

FAME is requesting the “disgorgement of profits, compensatory, consequential, incidental, and punitive damages in an amount to be determined by the trier of fact in this case, plus statutory fines, costs, interest and expenses.”

Kanye West has, in fact, been sued many times for unauthorized sample use. He is facing outstanding lawsuits involving “Everything I Am,” “Ultralight Beam,” and “Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2).” He has also won or settled suits regarding “New Slaves,” “Bound 2,” and “Made in America,” to name a few. Labels PAN and Numero Group have criticized West for allegedly using their music without permission, but have not taken legal action against him.

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