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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

American rapper, Drake, has revealed that he was betrayed by Kanye West.

drake and kanye west

Drake opened up to LeBron James and Maverick Carter on their new HBO show, “The Shop,” about how the beef between himself and Kanye West began and how it escalated to diss tracks, competing album drops and the reveal that Drake has a son.

Drake suggested that it all started when Kanye essentially lured him to Wyoming to record music but ended up backstabbing him and betraying his trust.

He claims he opened up to Kanye about personal stuffs, including his son and shortly afterwards, news about his son broke.

This was followed by Kanye announcing his and Pusha T’s album releases, which were very close to Drake’s release date for “Scorpion.”

Drake says this was when he realised Kanye was “manipulative” and trolling him and he tried to avoid him but it didn’t stop.

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