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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Kanye west has received numerous backlash for his choice of footwear to rapper, 2Chainz’ wedding earlier this month. While regular wedding goers will choose a pair of formal shoes to go with their suits – even Lil Wayne had on a nice pair of black shoes with his tux – but Kanye West opted for a pair of Yeezy slides that seemed to be a little under size, because his feet did not get to the front of the slippers, but his heel was protruding from the back.

kanye west

But the rapper has come out to defend his choice of fashion with a post on his twitter page. Kanye explained that he wore his shoes the Japanese way, while illustrating with a diagram.

See post below:

The first picture explains that the straps should be snug, with the heel extending 1 to 2 cm off the sole. This is supposed to prevent the individual from stepping on the hem of his/her formal wear.

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