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For some of us, we have accepted Kanye West aka Yeezy as our idol so please do not question us. On Wednesday, someone shared what he has been doing with his iPhone home-screen lock. He set the background to a photo of Kanye West having a spiritual moment and captioned “this is the best screensaver coz whenever I get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me,”

Guys let me not even lie to you, I was on my way home from work when I saw this tweet and I just had to change my wallpaper, for the culture. Talking about Kanye doing things to us. The trend has evidently hit people like a earthquake with over 60,000 retweets already. It inspired an entire movement. Check out the tweets below:


And even beyond the original Twitter thread.


@KanyeWest they don’t want us to be like you, they are terrified that you’ll inspire us The don’t want us to be this confident!


kanye west walking living legent man i feel like kobe that part mv that part music video kanye

Go cop your wallpaper…….

Written by Damilola Okejide

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