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Kanye’s new album ‘Jesus Is King’ was set to drop yesterday Sunday (Sept. 29), but a select few have already been privy to the project.Among them is Chicago music industry insider and Valee’s manager Andrew Barber, who says the Kanye who created “Gold Digger” and “Famous” is no more. According to a recent tweet, ‘Ye will only make spiritual music.

While not much is known about the project, Barber revealed ‘Ye reunites Clipse [Pusha T and No Malice] on one of the tracks and said the production is a combination of past Kanye albums.

“It was great to hear the Clipse on a song together again,” he tweeted. “Hopefully this feature on the Kanye album opens the door for another project from Push & No Malice. I think a good shoulder / bad shoulder album from them would go crazy.”

We guess Jesus is finally walking in Kanye’s life.

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