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Kanye West the innovator has always been an underrated part of Kanye and Kanye in usual Kanye fashion is about to prove all his doubters wrong.

In his latest endeavor to improve society’s appearance, Kanye is in the process of delivering on his promise to build a dome-like housing community in the heart of Calabasas, Calif. Sources say the project is in an “early state” but the goal is to make “dynamic” housing communities the world can enjoy. Ye and his team are studying dwellings “from every period of man’s existence on earth,” and those who have visited the property say the proportions feel “otherworldly.

During a recent interview with Forbes, he previewed the prototypes, which were inspired by Luke Skywalker’s childhood home from Star Wars. West has been working with a team to design structures with a similar aesthetic, with the goal of developing them as low-income housing units.

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