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A lawsuit was recently filed against Kanye West regarding sampling a Hungarian rock singer’s song.

Kanye West

Kanye was accused of sampling the singer’s song on his 2013 hit song “New Slaves” track, without permission.

But presently, Kanye West has settled the lawsuit filed by Gabor Presser.

Gabor Pressor

The accord resolves claims that 85 seconds, or one-third, of “New Slaves,” which appeared on the No. 1 album “Yeezus,” was a copy of the plaintiff Gabor Presser’s 1969 song “Gyongyhaju Lany,” which translates roughly as “Pearls in Her Hair.”

Although the terms of the settlement are undisclosed, the parties settled two days before West was scheduled for a deposition.

A notice that they agreed to dismiss the case was made public in Manhattan Federal Court.

According to Hungarian news agency MTI, Presser said:

“I am very glad it is over.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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