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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

American model and actress Karrueche Tran is the cover star for the latest issue of Galore Magazine and she sure is as sexy as always.

karrueche tran

Karrueche has come a long way from the social media sensation who dated Chris Brown and made headlines.

The petite 30-year-old beauty is now set upon making her own name and earning her respect in the media.

She said in an interview with Galore, that: “I felt like in acting, I was figuring out who Karrueche was. It was another stepping stone for me – maturing, growing, and becoming a woman. Realizing what I want and don’t want. I can’t rely on my followers. I made sure I worked with a personal acting coach and I started working out. I just found different ways to better myself.”

Tran, who currently stars on TV series Claws, donned a glittery two-piece bikini and a red fur jacket in another one.

As for her dream role, Karrueche wants to tackle something badass where she can be a boss woman.

karrueche tran

Having been known to date music star Chris Brown, Karrueche says of her dream man:

“Has to be clean, has to have nice teeth, has to smell good. Teeth are big thing for me. I’m affectionate. Also, respect. How they treat the woman in their life – their mothers and sisters. If I feel comfortable around them or not. With some guys, I feel like I’m in a shell. Other guys, I feel like I can be myself and comfortable. It’s all about vibes. Good vibes that connect with one another.”

Karrueche is currently dating football player Victor Cruz, but don’t think about calling her his object. “It’s disrespectful to refer to somebody through somebody else as their material object,” she said. “We have a name; we have our own identities. I’ve dealt with that for a while. Slowly I’d like to just do my own thing and work hard and focus on myself. Slowly that’ll change.”

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