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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Following the recent passing of “not too young to run” bill by the senate, some celebrities have shown their interest in politics and Five Star Music artist, Kcee is not left out.

The ‘Limpopo’ master has revealed his intention to run for the Governorship position in Anambra State.

The singer announced today on Instagram, that he will be kick starting his political ambition with a new album “Attention to Detail”, which is in line with his campaign slogan.

According to him, the proceeds from the album sales will be used to further his Governorship campaign project.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Goodmorning my people.

“The outpour of love and support received yesterday is truly unprecedented and i cant thank enough everyone home and abroad who reached out to us.When my team and i put together series of projects as our contribution to improving the lives of Nigerians, one key theme was paramount that these projects must have one sole purpose – IMPACTING THE LIVES OF THE MASSES. How can one create immense impact without influence? Hence we knew we must embark on the road to ensuring that we get to the position where we can take the right decisions that will favour all. With a strong sense of responsibility i announce that this journey has begun. I am not perfect and do not claim to have all it takes but my heart is pure and my intentions genuine. I will submerge myself in the next coming months to seeking necessary counsel and support in achieving this goal. I encourage every youth and all of my fans to join this movement of contributing our quota to the rescue of this great nation. We have begun and there is no stopping us.

“Ladies and gentlemen i present to you the ist project of – Attention to Detail movement – The Album Proceeds from this would be used to further our campaign project. Do not leave this space. The world is not ready for all the plans we have in store.

“#nottooyoungtorun #attentiontodetail#waitforit”

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