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Want to keep your boyfriend happy? It’s the cute little things that keep and matter in a relationship, you don’t always have to plan an exotic dinner or break a bank to make your boyfriend happy. Sometimes the cute thoughtful things are all you need to do sweep your boo of his feet.

Here are a bunch of ideas to surprise your boo as curated by our office crew… (Not scientific research but every little helps.)

Oh and guys, this goes for you too. Many of these would make any girl swoon.

Wake up early and wash his car or get it washed somehow before he wakes up.
• Write him cute notes and stick it in random places like his dashboard, his pants pocket, and laptop screen.
• Give him a foot massage when he is back from a hard day and a neck rub while driving on a long trip.
• Let him sleep in on a weekend and wake him up to his favorite weekend breakfast in bed.
• Text him in the middle of work telling him you wanted to distract him and how much you love him.
• Have his work clothes sorted out and pressed a night before.
• Surprise him with a simple candle light dinner.
• Cook his favorite meal or treat him out to eat his favorite meal.
• Give him a manicure and pedicure.
• Buy his favorite snacks and leave it in his car.
• Bake fresh pastry so they’re warm when he gets home and the aroma fills the air as he walks in.
• Surprise him at work by dropping off a home cooked or take out meal that he can enjoy with his colleagues.
• Plan a movie night at home and make available a variety of snacks that he likes.
• Randomly give him a back massage and don’t expect one in return.
• Hug him from behind especially when he his shirtless.
• Help in knotting his tie, buttoning his shirt, wearing his cufflink or wearing his belt.
• Get him something that he has always liked but considered too expensive.
• Kiss him on the forehead when he’s headed out work and wish him a good day.
• Compliment his hair cut, his new shirt and the way that snaps back looks good on him.
• Hug him tight for no reason.
• Randomly slide your hands into his when you’re out in public, give it a little squeeze and a kiss the back of his palm too.
• Record a love message on his phone. Set an alarm for a time when you’re not around them with a message saying “check your recorder app/voice recorder”.
• Sit on his lap when you guys are chilling at home.
• Get his bath water ready when he returns from a hard day.
• When he travels, take a picture wearing off you wearing his clothes and send it to him telling him how much you miss him
• Offer to help him when he’s performing manly chores around the house
• Give him a cute nickname
• Kiss him unexpectedly
• Buy something small that reminds you of him while you’re out somewhere
• Send him video kisses. Keep him wanting for more.
• Steal a glance at him when in public and give him a wink
• Be a little touchy feely when sitting in public with him
• Smile when you see him come around

Written By Treasure Asannamy

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