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Often times, you find your friends are head over heels in love with their partner but instead of you to be happy for them, you find it gross. That’s because you can clearly see that their partner is a jerk. Unfortunately they might not see what you’re seeing or just think you’re overacting. We have penned down a few categories of jerks and how to go about dealing with each one if your friend happens to be with them:

jerk date

-Leech: These ones are probably the trickiest to handle because most times there is no hardcore evidence to prove their jerkiness to your friend other than their annoying personality. Some of their features include ignoring phone calls, openly flirting in front of their partner and their key feature- always conveniently forgetting their wallet at home. It is best to keep your comments to yourself about this kind of their jerk cos if you don’t, your friend might bond stronger with them just to prove their love. But never fear cos this kind tend to just be a faze that most girls quickly fall out of. Naira is down- nobody has money to date this kind of guy for too long!

-911: This category of jerks unlike the leech is out right dangerous and not subtle in anyway. They are usually cheaters, verbal or physical abusers and can use their manipulative nature to make your friend cut ties with you if you try to oust them. It is best to speak up immediately and vehemently. Even though you stand the risk losing your friend, never stop trying cos these guys are not a joke.

jerk cver

-Till death do us part: Some jerks manage to scale through the dating period with your friend and land a permanent spot in their life. Here, you have to tread very lightly as your friend is already a family with them and probably already knows their partner’s shortcoming and has chosen to live with it. At this point, it’s too late. She’s not leaving. We suggest bringing in a number of better eligible men and hoping your friend picks better.

You might feel the need to scream to your friend about how much of a jerk their partner is but sometimes it is better to just cross your fingers and pray the relationship doesn’t work anyway.

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