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Kelly Rowland just announced her second pregnancy in the most beautiful way.

Rowland made her big pregnancy reveal in a cover shoot for Women’s Health magazine, showing off her baby bump while modelling a variety of outfits.

The Grammy-winning artist, told the magazine she and her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, “had been talking about it loosely, and then COVID happened, and we were just like, ‘Let’s see what happens.'”

She shared with the magazine that she was hesitant to break the news publicly, especially now when the world is experiencing a global pandemic.

“But you still want to remind people that life is important,” she said. “And being able to have a child …I’m knocking at 40’s door in February. Taking care of myself means a lot to me.”

On announcing the news, Kelly Rowland also said she was thinking, “‘Oh my god, my fans are gonna be so disappointed .… They wanted an album first, but they got a baby! And I was like, ‘I have to figure this out so they get both.'”

Kelly did confirm she is planning on a fifth solo album and gave a preview of what’s to come. “I want it to feel very organic, coming from me,” she said about her music, adding that she likes “to touch on everything” with her songs.

Kelly Rowland and her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, are also parents to son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, 5, and they couldn’t be more excited to welcome a new member of the family.

You can read the full interview here

By: Dammy Eneli

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