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Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Kenyan artiste, Atomy Sifa has claimed that the country’s opposition party is after his life, due to his contributions to a song defaming the party.

Atomy SIfa, with real name Tom Mboya Ang’ang’a has now fled to Tanzania, as his  relatives claim that his home in Homa Bay County, Nyanza, is now deserted.

The artiste says several individuals threatened him for betraying Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga after he released a song two weeks ago that urges the Luo community in western Kenya to pledge allegiance to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Atomy says: “people called me, threatening that they would kill me for insulting Odinga in the song. I never knew what the song was all about. I was invited to be part of the video but later realised it was defaming Odinga.”

The song, ‘Uhuru Nyale’ (Uhuru is Capable), also urges the Luo to stop following Odinga, a plea that has not been met favourably by some members of the community ahead of the 8 August presidential election.

Odinga, who is from the western province of Nyanza, is the official presidential flagbearer of the National Super Alliance (NASA), whereas Kenyatta, who hails from Kenya’s central region, is the leader of the Jubilee Party of Kenya.

“He (Atomy) has been praising Odinga in his songs for years and has nothing to show for it. What is wrong when he praises President Kenyatta?” a family member reportedly said.

See the video below:

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