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The 2019/20 fixture list have officially been released and now EPL fans have this to discuss, in addition to all the transfer speculation we’ve gotten in recent weeks.

There are certain games all fans look out for as soon as the list is compiled. This article is going to be looking at the Top 6 and the fixtures we feel can make and break seasons.

Manchester City

Manchester City

No better place to start than the Champions, Manchester City; City will be very confident they’ll be involved in another title race this campaign. There may be more than two team’s competitng this time. But one thing is almost certain, Pep Guadiola’s Manchester City will be involved.

17/08/2019- Tottenham Hotspur H

9/11/2019- Liverpool A

23/11/19- Chelsea H

7/12/19- Manchester United H

14/12/19- Arsenal A

1/02/20- Tottenham A

29/02/20 Arsenal H

7/03/20-Manchester United A

21/03/20- Chelsea A

4/04/20- Liverpool H


liverpool champions league

Next up, we look at the runners up and the Champions of Europe; Liverpool finished last season on 97 points, only 1 point behind Champions Manchester City. Their 97 points would have seen them win their first league title in the premier league era. Unlike other LFC challenges though, this one doesn’t seem fleeting. The Reds look ready to go again. A few more signings and additions to their squad depth could be the key.

24/08/18- Arsenal H

21/09/19- Chelsea A

19/10/19- Manchester United A

26/09/19- Tottenham Hotspur H

9/10/19- Manchester City H

11/1/20- Tottenham Hotspur A

18/1/20- Manchester United H

14/3/20- Everton A

4/4/20 Manchester City A

2/5/20- Arsenal H

9/5/20- Chelsea H

Tottenham Hotspur

Pochettino and Tottenham celebrating after UCL semi final

Spurs will be excited to go into this campaign in their new home. After disappointment in the Champions League final vs Prem rivals Liverpool, Spurs will be looking to kick on and compete for silverware again this year after coming so close.

17/08/2019- Manchester City A

31/08/2019 – Arsenal A

26/10/2019 -Liverpool A

3/12/2019 – Manchester United A

21/12/2019 – Chelsea H

11/01/2020 – Liverpool H

1/02/2020 – Manchester City (H

22/02/2020 – Chelsea A

14/03/2020 – Manchester United H

25/04/2020 -Arsenal H

Manchester United


Manchester United’s Paul Pogba celebrates as he hugs Chelsea’s N’Golo Kanté. Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP

The Red Devils will be desperate to have a good season, after all the drama surrounding them last season during the Jose Mourinho’s reign, United will be eager to get back to business, playing good football and competing for honours which is part of the DNA of the most successful club in the country.

11/08/2019 – Chelsea H

28/09/2019 – Arsenal H

19/10/2019 – Liverpool H

3/12/2019 – Tottenham Hotspur H

7/12/2019 – Manchester City A

1/01/2020 – Arsenal A

18/01/2020 – Liverpool A

8/02/2020 – Chelsea A

7/03/2020 – Manchester City H

14/03/2020 – Tottenham Hotspur A


The Blues will be embarking on their first campaign without talisman of the last decade, Eden Hazard who departs for Madrid this summer, they may also be starting the campaign with a new manager with Sarri’s departure to Italy seeming more and more likely. Rumours say Club legend Lampard might be returning. Regardless of how last campaign went, The Blues are the most successful club in terms of league titles in the last decade and have a way of coming back after abysmal campaigns and winning the prize.

11/08/2019- Manchester United A

21/09/2019- Liverpool H

23/11/2019- Manchester City A

21/12/2019- Tottenham A

28/12/2019- Arsenal A

22/01/2020- Arsenal H

8/02/2020 -Manchester United H

22/02/2020- Tottenham H

21/03/2020- Manchester City H

9/05/2020- Liverpool A


arsenal lacazette kolasinac xhaka

The Gunners are still figuring out life without legend Arsene Wenger. Unai Emery isn’t doing a bad job considering the size of the shoes he’s had to fill but there is still room for improvement if they’ll like to return to Champions league football and be competing for the title again.

24/08/2019 – Liverpool A

31/08/2019 – Tottenham Hotspur H

28/09/2019 – Manchester United A

14/12/2019 – Manchester City H

28/12/2019 – Chelsea H

01/01/2020 – Manchester United H

22/01/2020 – Chelsea A

29/02/2020 – Manchester City A

25/04/2020 – Tottenham Hotspur A

02/05/2020 – Liverpool H

Opening Day fixtures

All 20 teams will be looking to start their campaigns strong. And there’s no better way to create optimism for the rest of the season than getting a positive result on the opening day of the season:

9/08/2019 – Liverpool v Norwich City

10/08/2019 – West Ham United v Manchester City

10/08/2019 – A.F.C. Bournemouth v Sheffield United

10/08/2019 – Burnley v Southampton

10/08/2019 – Crystal Palace v Everton

10/08/2019 – Leicester City v Wolverhampton

10/08/2019 – Watford v Brighton

10/08/2019 – Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa

11/08/2019 – Newcastle United v Arsenal

11/08/2019 – Manchester United v Chelsea

Derby days!

Here’s the key dates you need to mark your cards for if you are looking forward to the derby days:

31/08/2019 – Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur

19/10/2019 – Manchester United v Liverpool

4/12/2019 – Liverpool v Everton

7/12/2019 – Manchester City v Manchester United

28/12/2019 – Arsenal v Chelsea

18/01/2020 – Liverpool v Manchester United

22/01/2020 -Chelsea v Arsenal

7/03/2020 -Manchester United v Manchester City

14/03/2020 – Everton v Liverpool

25/04/2020 -Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal

Final Day Fixtures

The final weekend of the season is set to throw up some interesting fixtures.

Some potential banana skins in there for the top sides:

17/05/2020 -Arsenal v Watford

17/05/2020 – Burnley v Brighton

17/05/2020 – Chelsea v Wolverhampton

17/05/2020 -Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur

17/05/2020 – Everton v A.F.C. Bournemouth

17/05/2020 – Leicester City v Manchester United

17/05/2020 – Manchester City v Norwich City

17/05/2020 – Newcastle United v Liverpool

17/05/2020 – Southampton v Sheffield United

17/05/2020 – West Ham United v Aston Villa

By Mosope Afolabi

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