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First off, let’s start by saying we honestly forgot Kid Cudi existed before he decided to kick up a fuss on Twitter. On Wednesday night the  rapper/protégé of Kanye launched into a Twitter rant aimed at his famous mentor as well as Drake.  The rapper alleged that the superstar rappers used ghost writers for their rhymes.

West signed Cudi to his GOOD Music label in 2008 and both have featured on hit tracks  such as “Erase Me” and “All of the Lights” so we really don’t understand where all this angst is coming from.


cudi tweet 1 cudi tweet 2 cudi tweet 3


Both artists have already responded to Cudi. Drake was at a concert when he declared: “Boy, you getting way too high, you need to Cud-it,” referencing O.T. Genasis‘ “Cut It.”

“I heard boys were talking down today,” Drake reportedly told the crowd. “Shout out to my brother Kanye West. We both got sold-out shows.”

As always you can trust brother Kanye to never back down from a fight. During a show on his Life of Pablo tour Wednesday night, he hit back saying he felt disrespected by Cudi

“Do you know how many people wish they could be signed to GOOD Music, get their life changed, have an opportunity? Never forget that! I am so hurt. I feel so disrespected. Kid Cudi, we are two black men in a racist world,” he said into the mic.

“I got called names before you, bruh. Why y’all gotta be coming at me? This ain’t the end of the Malcolm X movie. I’m out here fighting for y’all creators, artists, independent thinkers. Don’t never mention my name in a bad manner, none of y’all.”

Though Cudi has moved on with the launch of his own record label, we guess the rapper is still seething from pent up anger from the past as after both responses he went on to tweet:

cudi tweet 4


What do you think? Is Cudi right for calling them out? Or do you think it’s just rude for him to be dissing his friends and mentor? Let us know in the comments below.


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Written by Kike Olowu


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