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Kim Kardashian has been awarded $400k in a legal battle with her ex-business partner, David Liebensohn who accused her of screwing them out of millions. The two worked together on a series of Kardashian-inspired emojis.

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The arbitrator found Kardashian’s ex-business partners are “enjoined to enforce and abide by the terms of the settlement agreement.” Further, they are ordered to refrain from asserting that their signature was forced and the settlement is unenforceable.

Kim was awarded a total of $341,181 in attorney fees and another $50,649.78 in costs for a grand total of $391,830.78.

Last year, Kim’s former partner, David Liebensohn, sued the reality star for $300 million accusing her of ripping off his work.

Liebensohn, along with partners, worked with Kardashian to create a series of emojis. He said Kim originally demanded an 80/20 deal but he refused. His team continued to talk to Kardashian in an attempt to work out a deal.

In his suit, he said he created a series of “Kimojis” which were a “set of animated emojis and GIFs of the Kardashian family, with Kardashian West.”


By: Damilola Faustino


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