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Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint by five men in her Paris hotel room Sunday night and robbed, French officials said. A spokesperson for Kardashian West said the celebrity was “badly shaken but physically unharmed.”

A spokesperson for the French Interior Ministry said the armed men, who were dressed like police officers, threatened the concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him and forced him to open the private apartment. Kardashian West was locked in a bathroom while the men took two cell phones and jewelry worth millions of dollars.

Kardashian West is currently overseas for Paris Fashion Week along with her mother, Kris Jenner, and sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. She was staying at a private mansion in Paris, according to CNN affiliate BFM TV.

The French Interior Ministry’s spokesperson said no one was hurt during the incident and that the men did not discharge their weapons. It’s not clear if Kardashian West’s family, including her two young children, were present at the time.

Kim’s husband, Kanye West, was performing in New York when the incident occurred and, upon hearing the news, stopped the concert early and left to go be with his wife.

Whether you hate the Kardashians or not, you must admit that that was pretty scary and she must be pretty traumatized. Pele Kim!


Written by Kike Olowu


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