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Pioneer of the modern world music and singer, King Sunny Ade, in an interview gave an in depth analysis of the Nigerian music industry, comparing the now and then Saying;

I’m so lucky that I am alive when Nigerian musicians have come to light. In the olden days, families don’t allow their children to do music. Today, look at Nigerians, young folks coming in and making it. Nigerians now like what we have. We feel we could bring all artiste all over the world and you don’t allow a Nigerian artiste to participate, it’s not complete. But in those days, it doesn’t really matter. So coming I just pray and plead to the younger generation coming now that they should do it well so that we going to let the culture and heritage be intact, avoiding immorality and vulgar songs. The older ones have done that mistake but it’s not as loud as now. So, if you can adjust that, the sky is the limit. We have Nigerian music dominating and getting to the whole world now.”

KSA, the multi award winner who was the first African to be nominated twice for a Grammy , says this further as regards diseases in the country;

God is in love with this country. Each time anything breaks, God always shows us ways to tackle it. All I want to say to the government and people of Nigeria including myself is that we must not wait until there is a disease outbreak. We have to make our surroundings very clean, like any other part of the world. If the country is clean, definitely disease will not be so rampant to this level. But all what am praying for is that we should guard against anything that can bring disease to us.


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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