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Nigerian popstar, G-Worldwide frontman, Kiss Daniel recently made it clear in an interview that he doesn’t take advantage of his female fans no matter what.

Referring to a recent concert in Warri where he invited a girl on stage, crooned for her and got her heart melted in his hands, which led to people saying that the girl probably followed him to his hotel room.

Kiss Daniel

Kiss says the ‘act’ ended on stage.

According to him:

“I am an entertainer and it is inevitable that ladies would always come around me. However, I respect my fans a lot and I don’t take advantage of them. Some ladies could act funny but I handle them maturely. Many of the things you see on stage end there; they are all part of the show. Many of these fans are in love with the idea of who they think you are; they don’t know the real you.”

Regarding his most memorable performance, He said:

“That would be difficult for me to say because for every gig, I bring my ‘A’ game. No two shows are the same and I always want to give my fans different things every time I step on stage.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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