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It’s not just about getting the coolest shirt and tie combos, but about knowing the right knot for your collar.

Here are four styles trending this spring and the knots you need for each:



A collar bar keeps your tie under control. But with an extra accessory at neck level, keep your knot small. Where to wear: first date. (Shirt by Next and tie by Hugo boss).



Perhaps the standard design, so chances are most of your collars are semi-cutaway. Keep it sleek with a slimmer. Where to wear: big interview. (Shirt by Dunhill and tie by Gucci).



This twenties style doesn’t give much space. Go for a slim four-in-hand and put it tight with a tie dimple for a Gatsby vibe. Where to wear: that creative pitch. (Shirt by Brooks brothers and tie by Jcrew).



With a spread collar, amp everything up to fill the space. Go for a Windsor knot on a wide silk tie with a ballsy pattern. Where to wear: best friend’s wedding. (Shirt by Thomas pink and tie by drakes)

Picture source: light project photography

Written by: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

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