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Kylie Jenner has debunked rumors of plastic surgery as she covers Paper Magazine’s latest issue.


The 21-year-old was photographed wearing a cropped platinum blonde wig, chunky gold earrings, and a funeral-style netted veil covering her face on the cover with several accompanying looks to go with.

The richest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters had previously  denied circulating rumours of plastic surgery attributing her dramatic changes over the years to makeup and good hairstyle.

However on Paper magazine, she agreed fillers also contributed to the changes.

People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false, I’m terrified. I would never. It’s fillers, “I’m not denying that.”

Kylie jenner in 2014

Picture of Kylie In 2014

The business mogul had before also claimed her famous  plump pout was the result of a makeup hack of placing liner under the lips until she later admitted on a 2015 episode of her family’s reality series that she got lip injections from Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian.

Other photos of her pictured the young mum in different outfits she modeled to finish with her ever changing hairstyle matching each look to precision.

She also talks about how fulfilling it is to be a young mother

It’s genuinely what I wanted… to be a young mom, I thought, ‘This I what I want to do, and if people accept it or don’t accept it then I’m okay with every outcome.’

Check gallery for more looks from the feature

Kylie-Jenner  Kylie-Jenner Kylie-Jenner Kylie-Jenner Kylie-Jenner Kylie-Jenner Kylie-Jenner

By Sarah Oyedo

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