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It seems like Kylie Jenner is making a sincere effort to move on from the drama. This was proven when she and Jordyn crossed paths at their mutual friend Stassie Karanikolaou’s birthday party. According to E News, the former best friends exchanged pleasantries at the celebrations for Stassie’s 22nd birthday party, which took place in a private room at Bootsy Bellows.

E News says Kylie was mingling with their friend Jaden Smith when Jordyn made an appearance. “Jordyn arrived with a few girlfriends with her and immediately said hello to Jaden and Stassie. Kylie didn’t avoid Jordyn at all and was very cordial.“She said hello very briefly and they both smiled at each other.” a source says. The source also adds, “They didn’t interact much after that at all but they did acknowledge each other and then went on with the party going separate ways.”

jordyn woods and kylie jenner

According to the source, the Kylie Cosmetics founder, who went all out for Stassie’s birthday celebrations, “wanted the night to be drama free.” And, the mission was a success! Not only was it a care-free celebration, the source says, “Everyone was dancing and it was a great night for Stassie and her friends.”

However, this doesn’t mean that Kylie is ready to welcome back Jordyn with open arms. The source says, “She knows they won’t be close friends again but has moved on from the situation and isn’t going to treat Jordyn a certain way in public.”

By: Dammy Eneli

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