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Kim Kardashian‘s little sister and the lip kit queen herself her royal beauty Kylie Jenner has announced a massive upcoming beauty release for the valentine season and we are far from disappointed. She initially teased it all on Snapchat, unveiling every item one by one — and now it has been revealed that there is a whole lot more to swoon over.






There are new lip kits colors to look forward to in the collection. Head Over Heels and Valentine colors, a mauve and deep pink respectively, will be among favourites for buyers according to current vibes being gotten from people that have peeked the collection.




But if you’re looking for more, there’s the Red Minis set featuring six miniature liquid lipsticks. Next up are three different sets that come with lip products and eyeshadows.




And last, but not least, is Kylie’s Diary, a palette featuring the first-ever Kylie Cosmetics blushes. The Valentine’s collection came out only a few days ago but with the way Kylie’s things move might be done already so hurry up and get yours now!


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