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You do not have to lose yourself or your happiness because you are in a relationship. There are many ways to show your man that you love him but never do these six things below for a guy:


Do not change who you are

If he tries to change you by comparing you to his exes or making you feel guilty for who you are, walk away and don’t look back.

Don’t neglect your friends and family for him

Your life was bubbling before he came into it. So, don’t let it stop or evolve around him. There is nothing as lonely or as depressing as allowing him to keep you away from your loved ones. If he really loves you he will accept the people who have been in your life all along.

Never ignore your 6th sense

If you get that feeling that your relationship is not working out, then it probably isn’t. Don’t invest in something is only wasting your time.

Never stop chasing your dreams

If your guy makes you choose between your career dreams and him, you should unequivocally choose your dreams. Rather be with someone who will be your cheerleader instead of adding to your headache.

Never fund your lover’s lifestyle

If you find yourself being an ATM that always funds his lifestyle, stop wasting your money and start investing it in worthwhile savings policies.

Never keep a guy who doesn’t love you

Not only is he wasting your time but he is exploiting your happiness and sense of worth. If he doesn’t put in as much effort you invest in to make the relationship work, just leave him.

By Damilola Faustino

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