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By Modupe Lamikanra

Wash day can seem daunting and feel like it can take forever. With the wave of people going natural, it is essential that you develop a good routine that works for your hair. Here are some simple steps to leave you with soft and strong hair:

washing hair

1.)    Pre-poo

Apply to dry hair; this will make sure your hair is clean. It also helps soften hair making it easier to detangle. You can leave it in either for a couple of minutes or overnight. After this, I would recommend separating your hair in 4-6 parts (depending on the thickness of your hair). Adding this to your wash day routine can especially help if you have a dry scalp.

2.)    Co-Wash/ Shampoo

Shampoo can dry out your hair, stripping it of its natural oils. Rather adopt Co-washing and sulfate free shampoo. You should co-wash once a week three times a month and wash with shampoo once a month on the fourth week. The co-washing can help you retain your protective hairstyle for longer, preventing the buildup of dirt and oils. Co-washing basically means washing with conditioner alone, without shampoo. So you rub in the conditioner in your hair, as if you are using shampoo, and wash it off.

3.)    Deep Condition

After washing out the shampoo, you should apply a deep conditioner. Deep conditioning is important because it helps hydrate your hair; preventing breakage and helps in retaining length. This is especially important if your hair is relaxed, as it can help replace the moisture lost to the relaxer. After rinsing out the conditioner, try to use a t-shirt rather than a towel to dry your hair to prevent breakage.

4.)    Detangle

You can either detangle before washing or after. Using either the pre-poo or the deep conditioner to make your hair a bit softer. You should use a large, wide tooth comb to remove tangles. It is normal to see some breakage and shedding while detangling. You should only worry if it is extremely excessive and if you are worried, just switch up your products and see what works best with your hair.

5.) L.O.C Method (Leave in, Oil, Cream)

This technique is essential to finishing off your wash day. This Combination of products will make sure your hair is hydrated and ready to put into a protective style. You first use the leave in conditioner and follow this up with a thin layer of oil and lastly a butter-based cream. This cream will seal in the moisture. Your hair should now be ready to be put into a protective style.

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