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For ladies who prefer to rock curly hair, you already have a styling routine. If you do not, click here for the perfect curling routine. Anyway, you must have figured out your own way of getting long-lasting bends. The question now is if you are doing your hair curls rightly or wrongly. Here are five common mistakes you might be making when curling your hair.

Creating waves that go toward your face

Your waves could actually be covering your face, depending on which direction they go. Waves that go away from your face instead of facing inward open up the area around your cheekbones.

Overloading the curling iron barrel

If too much hair is on the iron barrel, some of it won’t get hot. You’ll be left with so many unfinished curls. So take your time and work in small, manageable sections.

Brushing curls out too quickly

Brushing or running your fingers through your hair immediately after curling will cause the curls to fall out quickly. To make the waves last, wait to brush your curls out until they are completely cool.

Not using proper heat protection

Not using the right heat protection will weaken your strands sooner rather than later. Do not hesitate to buy a good heat protectant.

Holding the iron tool horizontally

Angles are everything when it comes to curling your hair. The way in which you handle your tool can drastically change the final outcome of your curls. Gripping your curling iron can make it too tight. As a rule of thumb, you should hold it vertically to get a natural-looking wave.

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