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For quite a number of ladies, the stress-free way to clean their makeup is using face wipes. You can swipe it all over your face and within minutes, the makeup is gone and you can go bed. However, it is not advisable to always use makeup wipes whenever you want to get rid of your makeup. Here are some reasons why:

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Chemicals in wipes may affect your skin

The chemicals in face wipes make it easier for removal of makeup. Despite this, what you must know is that the chemicals and preservatives used to keep the wipes healthy-looking are unsafe for your skin. If you cannot ditch your wipes, always use water to clean your face after removing the makeup.

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Moisturising your face is a waste of time

For some ladies, they like to moisturise their face after using wipes. It is a waste of time because your skin cannot absorb the cream.

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Wipes don’t really clean your face

These wipes don’t clean your makeup because there are always residues left on your face. These residues may find their way into your pores thereby clogging them. One side effect of clogged pores is acne.

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May cause eye irritations or wrinkles

For those who use face wipes to clean their eyes, it is not a good idea. This is because it may cause eye irritations or wrinkles whenever you rub them to stop the irritation. If this continues, it may damage the delicate part of your eyes.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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