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American singer Lady Gaga is in the news again, this time on cover of Variety Magazine’s latest issue.

lady gaga

The interview was based on her recent feature with Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born.

Read excerpts below:

On how transformative “A Star Is Born” has been for her:

“This has been a very transformative time for me. As an artist, there’s always a feeling of ‘Am I good enough? Am I making something honest? Am I making something true?’ There is a sort of stagnant sadness in me, wondering if I’m enough. Today I did not see that. I saw something different. I saw clarity. I saw the truth.

On not reading the film’s reviews:

My manager will sometimes text me little one-liners here and there. I’ll be like, ‘Stop it!’

lady gaga

On if “Shallow” is nominated for an Oscar for best song:

I used to wrap myself in an Afghan or my grandmother’s knitted blanket and stand on a podium while I watched the Oscars,” says Gaga, who grew up in Manhattan as Stefani Germanotta. “I had big dreams as a child”.

For the photo shoot, Lady Gaga was styled in shirt from the movie A Star Is Born and thigh high clingy boots.

lady gaga

By Sarah Oyedo

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